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Bottom Line: I will help your business to succeed.
That may sound like bluster, but it is the truth and it is what motivates my efforts. I like to win, and I have learned that I do so best when my clients win.
Commercial Analytics (or Business Intelligence) is a field that is full of practitioners. The majority of these are capable of making pretty pictures and dashboards. They typically are good at describing what is. They are also typically good at making their clients comfortable investing in their services.
I focus on increasing my Clients' understanding of their businesses and their available opportunities.
I do this by providing unique insights into their businesses and the markets within which they operate. Straight Line Analytics builds customer loyalty by enhancing the success of it's Clients.
I am takng what I learned over a long career helping large drug-selling entities optimize their performance and am applying that to the State-Legal Cannabis marketplace.
If you are hungry for success, please contact me. I would love to help you get there. I would love to both amplify and share in your success.

Recent Postings on HI-Blog

May 16, 2017

Enough on the Labs, Already! My Closing Words on a Filthy Issue.

It’s been a labor of love, these past two years putzing with the laboratory data and occasionally digesting (and deflecting) ad hominen feedback. (The above logo, of a baby Cannabis clone being suffocated in a condom, comes from the website of the supposed “Washington Cannabis Laboratory Association” — be careful of this group, as one should probably be slow to trust an organization that would advocate for the mis-treatment of a little helpless baby plant). Lots of interesting stuff, lots of potent stuff, and lots of filthy stuff. I’m going […]
May 10, 2017

Potency – as it should be?

This follow-up to my recent post “Facts and Alt-Facts: How 2 labs Report on Potency” serves primarily as a response to those readers and interested parties that took the time to comment either on how the two charts aligned with their expectations or how my methods were allegedly deceitful. I’ll put aside the “attack the messenger” tone uniting the latter group of posts, and focus today on the reported “Total Cannabinoid” trends reported by the top-volume Friendly lab and the top-volume PRAGUE lab for the period spanning May, 2015 through […]
May 3, 2017

Facts and Alt-Facts: How 2 Labs Report on Potency

In this post, I am going to spare you my interpretation. I’m just going to show you two graphs (and a morphed combination of the two). My expectation is that some of the readers of this post who take a minute or two to go through the homework I’m about to suggest will then take the time to share how the actual data in the graphs supports and/or opposes the image they formed in their heads by conducting the following mind experiment: Please relax. If not contra-indicated by any of […]