Cannabis Strain Naming in Washington

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November 6, 2015
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November 18, 2015
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Cannabis Strain Naming in Washington

Ruderalis, Indica, Sativa, Scuzzy Oregonian Dirt-weed …. all have their place in the scientific naming of Cannabis (there I go, alienating all of those fine Oregonian growers … WELL PEOPLE, it was not we Washingtonians that decided to go all unfair market practices by not charging tax for OUR State-legal Cannabis.  What are you, Commies or something?…. I just don’t like cheaters).

Regardless, the subject of my focus today is more mundane – the commercial naming conventions for the strains that are purported to be in the child-proof packages available from your local I-502 Retail establishment.  I thought you might like to know the names that are being used to describe what you are  ingesting (statistically, that is — I have no idea what you, specifically, are ingesting or what strain name(s) might be associated with it).

It seemed that this would be good to post before I start reporting on lab results (this coming week).

Here are a couple of “word-clouds” (courtesy of summarizing the words used in “strain names” to describe both the dried/cured bud and the extracts for inhalation that have been sold into I-502 Retail shops through the end of August.  We clearly like our Kush’s up here in the land of wonderful salmon, SeaHawks and psilocybe pelliculosa.


To create these, I took the strain names that accounted for 80% of product weight sold into retail (581 strains for Bud, 205 strains for Dabables), and created word clouds displaying up to the top 200 words represented in those strain names.

For those that prefer more structure (and complete strain names), here is a table containing the top 32 strain names used for buds and for dabables.  These are “top” in that they are those having the greatest weight sold into retail.  The first column for each product type represents the top 16 by total weight (top to bottom).  The  second column are the next 16 (top to bottom).


I’m looking for a purple hazy cherry blue kush (with OG sprinkles) for tonight … what about you?

Enjoy … and remember that those pelliculosae are in-season.


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