Monetizing the Number of the Beast

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February 4, 2016
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February 14, 2016
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Monetizing the Number of the Beast

A rare retroactive prediction from me.

Prior to the expected release of the daily sales data later today, I wanted to make a prediction about what it will tell us. I am predicting that, as of last Tuesday (Feb 2, 2016),the cumulative total I-502 sales since the inception of the market in June of 2014 will have passed $666 million dollars.

That is correct, one million iterations of the number of the Beast.

That it would happen on the 2nd day of the week (Tues) and that it would be on the 2nd day of the 2nd month (Feb 2) gives us 222 …. Or precisely 1/3 of the number of the Beast.

Did this 222 presage the coming of $666?

2/2/2016 —-Feb 2, 2016; the day the number of the Beast was Reached
2^2^2 = 16 odd coincidence or numerological conspiracy?

2nd day of the week and 2nd day of the 2nd month of the 16th year of the 3rd millennium (AD) —–
222*3 = 666 in ‘16?

I admit that this is a case of forecasting in the past, as I am foretelling something that I allege to have happened last week. Such are the conundrums created by delays in the release of data.

I have become comfortable with these over time.

Regardless, $666,000,000.00 is a Beastly large amount of mostly taxable revenue for this 19-month old industry to have generated. Last Tuesday, the cumulative excise tax revenue skimmed by the state will have been in excess of $161,000,000.

It is good to see the industry growing up and paying it’s way.

Beastly good.

(…wishing Beast Mode all the best in his retirement & thanking him for so many wonderful moments…)

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  1. As it turns out, Total sales through 2/2/2016 were: $667,447,607.99. The Number of the Beast has, as predicted, been obtained — and surpassed.

    Much like the Groundhog tells us about Spring’s approach, the Beast tells us to ignore ethics and justice and to simply do what feels right.

    Much as how the “Shake & Bake” applicants are behaving. Getting to the front of the line at all costs just feels right. Thank goodness the LCB is complicit in those efforts.

    Taxes through 2/2/2016 were: $161,351,545.50. The State has fed well … but it is still hungry. Let us hope it does not become hangry!

    Forecasting yesterday reminds us of what has been. Forecasting tomorrow tells us what can be.

    I forecast a good year for this market! – no envelopes were hurt in the making of this forecast…. numbers to follow..

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