One is Not the Loneliest Number: Bud Package Sizes

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January 31, 2016
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February 9, 2016
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One is Not the Loneliest Number: Bud Package Sizes

This post addresses a question which has been buzzing around for awhile – namely, what is the relative popularity of different bag sizes for flower purchased in the regulated Cannabis market?

Mr. Busby of WeedTraQR used the OpenTHC platform to produce the data used in this post- my appreciation to him for that.

This summary represents over 14,000,000 individual “units” of flower sold to (primarily) adults in Washington recreational Cannabis stores over the first 17 months of its’ existence (through Nov.’15).

To counter the unfair rumors cycling around regarding my verbosity, here is my complete and detailed description of the package size data:

There are hella lots of 1g packages and lots of 2g packages and quite a lot of 3.5 g packages that have been sold.

There are also noticeable concentrations of sales at the  7g, 14g, and 28g package sizes (in decreasing order of frequency).

When packages are packaged by Washington’s State-legal Cannabis processors, those packages  have a noticeable and consistent tendency to weigh slightly heavy more often than they weigh slightly light.  Therefore, STATE-LEGAL WASHINGTON CANNABIS IS AN EVEN BETTER DEAL THAN YOU THOUGHT.

My primary analytic conclusion is that the imperial system of measurement is alive and well in this world of metric 10-based simplicity.  1/8s, 1/4s, 1/2s, and OZs are well-liked.  They are alive and well.  Go 28.4 grams!

However: grams and 2-fers are, apparently, “the bomb” for most Cannabis consumers frequenting I-502 stores.   Perhaps it is price, perhaps it is tentativeness in the face of 41% THC Bud, and perhaps it is a  desire to sample as many of the diversity of strains being produced by the hundreds of licensed farmers as is humanly and fiscally possible.

Regardless, it is interesting.

I miss being able to buy keys.







  1. Muraco says:

    Perhaps indeed “it is tentativeness in the face of 41% THC Bud” as the regular is NOT confused and expresses their resistance with their pocketbook…
    given a regular user might be using an oz or more a month – that’s a lot of visits to the I502 –
    or not.
    :Love your blog Jim!

  2. Shawn DeNae says:

    I still believe it is daffy for the legal market to train the legal buyers to expect 1 gram units; especially at the same price / gram that larger quantities get. We pay more for single servings than bulk packaged products. That needs applied to this industry if we are to thrive.
    Thanks Jim and David – love your charts!

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