Posting Comments – I can’t believe I just “unapproved” a comment.

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February 9, 2016
February 15, 2016
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Posting Comments – I can’t believe I just “unapproved” a comment.

I just unapproved the first comment of my life — courtesy of some choice words by one “Rob”.

On the new site, I decided to ease up on manual oversight of comments as I played with the many WordPress options available for that. I now understand why some of those options should be put in the “requires more manual oversight” mode.

Rob, in a few short phrases, was able to insult Dean (from a previous comment on the Lab threads), an author that was quoted in a comment or two, and (I believe) myself and HI-Blog (or the SLA site … it gets confusing now that I’m apparently “all about the money”).

As I hate censorship that stems from self-interest (it’s cowardly), here is what Rob said that I think pertains to me and my online presence …. I will not, however, reinforce what he said regarding the other parties he rudely and inappropriately attempted to impugn by allowing him to use a comment thread on a blog that I host.

According to “Rob”, as excerpted from his now unapproved and otherwise censored comment:

” as if this site isn’t just about money as well, ever chatted with the guy in a business respect,,,,,,clueless and not near as caring as pretends to be”

Might be about me and HI-Blog … might be about me and … or might be about that other author and his/her website … or someone else. Hard to tell.

I won’t normally censor. I will, however, if it feels like the right thing to do.

Be nice and decent. Facts work better for me than opinion.

And, specifically, to the Robs of the world – anatomical references are cute in a juvenile way, but I’d like this to be an adult-level discussion given the business of this industry. They, or any literary tool, used in a hostile and aggressive manner would be best left untyped when joining in our discussion.

I will not, by default, be automatically approving all comments on the site anymore.

Please let me know if lags in my manual approvals are getting in the way of the discussion.



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  1. LOL… yeah “Rob” reached out to me too. Had a “Nick” also reach out this week with the same maturity…
    Must be hitting a tickler somewhere to meeting these trolls! Stay the course Jim – I love your blog!!

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