Poem: The Grass is Always Greener

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June 25, 2016
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June 30, 2016
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Poem: The Grass is Always Greener

Re-post of the first poem I published on the old High Intelligence Blog (I did not transfer my poetry when I migrated to Straight Line Analytics’ site … trying to appear professional and all, you see).

As I believe this poem to be largely in compliance with that which is about to be considered medicine here in WA, I’ve opted to introduce you to a new logo — which you’ll be seeing more of should anyone opt to begin manufacturing and selling medical cannabis in the legal market at some point in the future.


I wrote this  just before Veteran’s day last year while thinking about Patrick Seifert down in Olympia and his noble support of our Veterans and his amazing efforts in support of Twenty22Many.  The poem’s intent was to remind us that, while we have come far, we have a ways to go yet.  I thought I’d revive the poem, as we appear to be taking a step backward in what has, for almost 18 years in WA, been a relatively positive journey forward.

The apparently imminent mind-blowingly tragic and totally unnecessary closure of Ranier Xpress by the Gods of Priority epitomizes one of the many types of tragedy that are unfolding before our eyes with the implementation of Anne’s Patient Protection Act.  The closure of real, true honest, caring, effective medical providers that were providing a valuable public service in favor of cobbled-together corporations that often could not tell a cannabis tincture from an aspirin two years ago is rather unfortunate.

Cutting in line always sucks.  Occasionally, it has consequences.  At this place in time, those consequences appear to be the potential of great rewards to shake-and-bake Frankensteins granted by “the man” and confusion, suffering and fear bestowed upon our vulnerable patients and many of their soon-to-be-illegalized caregivers.

Here’s the poem again…. for the Patients this time and for the dying dispensaries that served them so well.  According to BOTEC’s methodology, there should be exactly ZERO of you left after midnight tonight.  Here is to hoping that you do not all go gentle into this good night.  Be careful.   Less than 2 hours left for Medical as I post this …. Jim

The Grass is Always Greener

Jim MacRae (Nov 10, 2015)


The Grass is always greener

without a Felony.

The Grass is always greener

when shared with Harmony.

For Oregon and Idaho and even old B.C.,

The Grass is always greener

when it comes from You and Me.

We are fortunate to be in WA

at this particular place in time.

Our Grass is green, we know it well

yet the Feds still call it CRIME.

Spark up that bowl and take a hit

while reflecting that you’re Free.

The Grass is always greener

without a Felony.

“I have a DREAM”, a Great Man said

way back in History.

“I have one, too”, a Patient pled

to Live- and to be part of WE

The Grass is always greener

when used effectively.

The Grass is always greener

when served with Dignity.

The Grass is good.

The Grass is green.

The Grass is medicine.


Let Patients Live.

Let Adults play.

Let our new world begin.

All Grass is always greener

without a Felony.

De-schedule Grass and stop the War

and set the Prisoners FREE.



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