PSA 7b – Know What is Testing your Cannabis

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April 28, 2017
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May 2, 2017
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PSA 7b – Know What is Testing your Cannabis

As a follow-on to my recent posts regarding the odd results being reported by lab 0015 (PEAK ANALYTICS) and the degree of lab-induced Stenchyness gracing the shelves of some of the stores around the State, I have received a number of requests to fully unblind the labs that my original series called out.

I’ve attached here a grid that will let you know which lab was which (in the Lab A through Lab N coding I used to blind the reader (and myself) to their identity.

In addition, here is a link directly to the summary report-card that summarized all of the metrics I used to calculate lab “Friendlyness”. Remember that it covers only a 3-month period around the latter part of the summer of 2015 —- a period when the labs did not know that their reporting was under scrutiny. On the surface, the behavior of some of those labs has changed significantly since that time. As with many things, though, what they are is perhaps best evidenced by how they behave when not being watched.


Have fun …. and remember to always ask to see the lab test sheet when buying product at retail. If they can’t produce it, the store is in violation and you should let them know that —- and maybe even the LCB.

Be safe. Be well.

Dr. Jim
(remember that I’m not a medical doctor …. but I WAS a substance-abuse researcher for awhile).

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