PEAK Analytics: The LCB Response

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August 10, 2017
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August 12, 2017
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PEAK Analytics: The LCB Response

Aside from a (likely temporary) license suspension, the LCB appears satisfied with how they are handling the result of PEAK Analytic’s recent audit.

They responded to me this morning regarding their position that no recall of PEAK-tested product is necessary. The risk to consumers is something that they either do not recognize or that does not rise to the threshold they view as necessary for action protective of Washington’s consumers of State-legal Cannabis.

If find this unfortunate and worrisome. Oh well, at least I tried.

Here is the response from their Communications Person – Brian Smith.
I believe he was responding to a note I sent to all LCB staff earlier this morning urging them to get their leadership to act. Perhaps one or more of them will take my concerns and run with them.

In the meanwhile, this is a disappointing situation. TGIF!

I tried with this branch of Government. Perhaps some others may take an interest?

Have a wonderful weekend …. and, PLEASE, ask to see the Certificate of Analysis (COA) the next time you consider buying a product. If it was tested by PEAK, do as you see fit for yourself and anyone you might be legally sharing your purchase with.


  1. DM says:

    Too bad for the integrity of the industry as a whole in the age of Real News being Fake News and now Fake Results being Real Results. Kind of a slap in the face to all of those who have spent careers working ethically. Whatever happened to the principles that created the WSDOH Drinking Water Laboratory Certification and other programs with the mission to insure laboratory integrity and consumer protection?

    • Jim MacRae says:

      I am not sure what happened to those principles, DM, but they seem to not be a driving force behind the actions of the WSLCB in these newer, better times.

      Times, by the way, when (per the Seattle Times today) even the University of Washington seems to be into reporting different numbers to different entities (see the article on female “rowers” and how their numbers were reported to the Feds).

      The Vision, Mission and Goals statements of the LCB each contain the word safety (as in “public safety”). Their values include the phrase “Customer focus”.

      I wonder how it has come to be that they do not see the consumers of this State as their “Customers”?

      Perhaps their “Customers” are now the lobbyists that treat them so well — or those fine alcohol- and nicotine- purveying businesses that have been able to build long-standing relationships with the Board and senior staff.

      Water is, unambiguously necessary for life. Perhaps products whose consumption/use is discretionary merit a different (and apparently lower) standard in the eyes of the Board.

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