PSA #8: Patients can now almost fill a stadium

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August 11, 2017
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August 14, 2017
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PSA #8: Patients can now almost fill a stadium

As of this past Wed. (Aug. 9), the Washington State Dept. of Health has released data which indicate that over 25,000 people are now in their patient registration database.

If you ever want an update on how the regulated medical infrastructure is rolling out (now 13+ months into it’s infancy), check out the DOH Statistics and Data page here

In the meanwhile, here is what the DOH has to say, followed by a tiny bit of context-setting, courtesy of moi.


This represents 0.35% of all Washingtonians (or 1 in 287).

It represents 0.45% of all Washington adults (or 1 in 223). Note that these are”adults” of the 18+-year-old kind, per the medical rules.

Finally, it represents 0.009% of minors under the age of 18 (or 1 in 11,386).

Not all that many, on a per-relevant-capita basis. Indeed, fewer than 10% of what BOTEC estimated to be in existence before the regulated market started up.

By way of external reference these numbers are still (after 13 months) about 1/5 of what would be expected of adult patients if folks were registering at the same rates seen in Colorado or Oregon. For children, Washington is seeing only about 1/3 of the expected registrations, relative to these two other pioneering states.

I wonder if the fact that fewer than 200 Retail Access Points are currently considered able to serve Patients as Patients might be involved in our relatively low uptake?

For the 25,000 of you brave enough (and/or desperate enough) to have registered, keep an eye out for a series of upcoming Patient Service Announcements (PSAs) here on HI-Blog.

I’m going to try to start giving you information that will help you to identify stores and farms that might better meet some of your well-defined needs (and please understand that I am not being paid for this stuff other than through good Karma).

Request: If you want your well-defined patient-specific needs well-defined when I do the data work underlying these PSAs, please feel free to leave your input on what is important for Patients to know about the Retail Access Points at which they shop and the farms and processors whose products they purchase. Seriously …. my upcoming work will better fit your needs if you let me know what they are. Otherwise I’m just guessing and, as my regular readers can attest, that can be dangerous.

Cheers – and good health.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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