Data Scientist and Consultant

Dr. MacRae is the founder of Straight Line Analytics, a company that leverages data & analytics to help businesses thrive in competitive markets and to help policy-makers form better policy and rules.

He was a member of the CCSE (now The Cannabis Alliance), and has been actively engaged in efforts to form an Agricultural Commodity Commission to support this new commercial crop and its farmers.

Since 2014, Dr. MacRae has been using LCB-supplied data merged with his proprietary compilations of industry-related information to produce analytic summaries, innovative metrics and numerous insights for the Washington State-legal Cannabis Industry and interested regulators, operators, investors, consumers, patients and observers. In 2015, he started a data-centric business intelligence blog covering issues relating to Washington’s regulated Cannabis market (at HI-Blog has been migrated to this site, and all attempts to link to will land here starting Jan 31, 2016.

The services supplied by Straight Line Analytics revolve around knowing how the industry is performing and how it will likely perform in the future. Using this knowledge, Dr. MacRae is able to provide businesses greater clarity into how well they are performing against not only their internal benchmarks, but also against their external competitors and, most importantly, against the potential that their businesses COULD be achieving. .

Recent projects have included valuation assessments, location recommendations, competitive analyses, business segmentations, market development studies, business performance assessments, an evaluation of the proficiency of Washington's Cannabis testing laboratories, and an evaluation critical of the market size estimates produced in December 2015 for the WSLCB by BOTEC.

In the near future, various white-papers and service packages targeted at specific segments of the industry (e.g., Farmers, Processors, Retailers, Regulators, Legislators, and Investors) will be offered on this site for purchase.