Jim MacRae

December 1, 2017

Wholesale Prices and $3 Billion of Diversionable Product

Earlier this week, one of the local drug interdiction task forces infesting the state announced the bust of 32,449 plants (and some cash and gold and a few houses and people) estimated to be worth $80,000,000. In using a $2,465 per plant valuation, these asset-forfeiture specialists are, apparently, assuming this to be the level of pricing that WA-produced product is expected to command on the streets of non-legal states craving product of the quality produced in the Pacific Northwest. I am glad that these heavily armed and armored folk have […]
November 23, 2017

Canna, Canna Everywhere, Yet not a Drop of Diversion

Note  Jerry Whiting just posted the audio of  a 15-minute chat he and I had the other day on this topic up on “LeBlanc CNE on Soundcloud” at the following link: https://soundcloud.com/leblanccne/jim-macrae-traceability-harvest Last year’s fall harvest was large enough, relative to the small number of retail access points licensed and open for business, to cause a multi-month “glut” of available product in wholesalers’ inventory.  This increased the difficulty for farms to sell their product at anticipated price levels and resulted, in many cases, in product remaining either unsold or unsold […]
November 21, 2017

WA State-Legal Cannabis Generates Billionth Dollar of Tax Revenue Today!

That was a bold statement … but it is my best estimate, I vouch for it and it is one that depends on only 4 things for it’s accuracy: o   -the monthly sales totals published by the WSLCB (with associated excise tax data) o   -arithmetic o   -assumptions regarding average local sales tax  and federal business income tax rates o   -assumption that the average day’s skim of taxes from the market seen in October by “The Man*” will be what “it” takes home each day during November.   Given that … […]
November 1, 2017

Traceability Meltdown in WA – Oh Cannadafornia!

This is a fictional piece with almost no data included.  It tells the story of how the new Union of States and Provinces called Cannadafornia was kick-started by Washington State’s Great Traceability Meltdown of 2017.  No generalizations from this to reality should be made. How Cannadafornia Came to Be Prime Ministerial President Justin Trudeau, in preparing to address his 100 million citizens on the decennial anniversary of his country’s expansion, reflects on events that led to the secession of the Western States during a discussion with his Minister of NORMLity, […]