Market Estimates

July 16, 2016

PSA5 – Know Who Your Dollars Support

Reminder to Patients:  This is a FEE-based marketplace, not a Donation-based one.  Where you spend your dollars is, I’d imagine, a very personal decision.  It is also an important one.  It is one with consequence. As of late this past week (13 days into the unified MoM (Market of the Man), approximately 1,400 Washingtonians had signed up and registered in the Patient Database Registry Self-Incrimination System.  Let’s assume they hit 1,500 sick folk by weeks’ end … that implies that 0.028% of the 5.3 million Washingtonians over the age of 21 are […]
June 22, 2016

PSA Announcement – For the Patients

Just a quick announcement that on Saturday, I’ll begin publishing a series of Patient Service Announcements (PSAs) here on HI-Blog for those patients being forced to migrate next week to either the regulated retail market or to the soon-to-be-thriving criminal one here in Washington State. The announcement I put out to many of my contacts this morning went like this: ********************************************************************** For the Patients …. but also for the soul of this industry The WSLCB  just released the June Traceability database update, containing lots of data through April of this year.  My thanks to the […]
June 21, 2016

Two Wrongs do not Make a Right

Author’s note: This is my 7th complete re-write of this article.  Each time I wrote it over the past 2 weeks, I found myself getting too negative and, in particular, getting negative towards the UW (an institution that I have great respect and affection for). So:  Here is a less negative version.  I hope the tone helps encourage folks to take this issue seriously.  If you agree with my calls to action below, please let the UW know (the Regents, the President, the Department Chair of the Law School, and […]
April 20, 2016

Will 4/20/16 Yield the Biggest Retail Week Yet?

When our Liquor and Cannabis Board reports daily statewide cannabis sales, their reporting week ends on Mondays. From these data, we know that the 7-day period spanning Tuesday April 12 through Monday April 18 enjoyed $10,687,754.59 in state-wide total retail sales, representing a daily average of almost $1,527,000. That’s not bad, particularly given that these totals do not include excise (or sales) taxes. In honor of today’s special 4/20-ness, I’ve put together the following predictions relating to this week and to the growing hunger of adult Washingtonians for State-legal Cannabis. […]