November 6, 2015

First Friday Posting – My Final Word on Oregon

The following chart plots the month-on-month sales change for Washington Retail stores from Sept. to Oct. as a function of the latitude of the location of the store.  A 2nd-degree polynomial fit was made to the data (for someone that runs a business under the name “Straight Line Analytics”, you’d think I might use linear fits more often …. just another window into the confusion that permeates my being). The more to the left you go, the further south the store is (there’s that confusion again).  The further to the right […]
November 4, 2015

Oregon Sucking Life from Southern Stores

The Vampires appear to have moved from Forks to Oregon, and they are sucking our southernmost State-legal Cannabis Stores dry. Actually, that’s a bit dramatic, but I thought the imagery fit the attached map picturing the change in Store-level Retail Sales levels from September to October of this year.  Green represents growth in sales, Yellow is not much change, and Red is a loss in sales. I’ll put some more information later this week into a follow-on post  that summarizes the impact at a county level, and, possibly, calls out individual store impacts (although I’m […]
November 3, 2015

Danger Will Robinson – Washington Cannabis Sales Tumble

Just a quicky … no charts, no graphs, just some concern over an unexpected event that I saw in the daily state sales data that were just posted by the WSLCB: AVERAGE DAILY SALES OF STATE-LEGAL CANNABIS FELL IN WASHINGTON FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OCTOBER. Yup.  Average Daily Sales of Cannabis in the I-502 market hit only $1,978,210 in October (compared to $1,985,040 in September).    This is for ALL sales (including wholesale and retail). It is a little early for things to be flattening out and I suspect this […]