August 14, 2017

Risk Assessment Methods

Over the past 10 days, I have posted on HI-Blog relating to the recent suspension of the certification of PEAK Analytics to test State-legal Cannabis in Washington. Those posts and subsequent communications have alerted the WSLCB, the public, and industry participants to the exposure risk stemming from the continued availability of PEAK-tested product in Retail Access Points. They also allude to the non-zero risk of morbidity and mortality associated with such exposure. Some of the comments I’ve seen relating to my work regarding PEAK’s inadequacy in testing for “Total Coliforms” […]
August 11, 2017

PEAK Analytics: The LCB Response

Aside from a (likely temporary) license suspension, the LCB appears satisfied with how they are handling the result of PEAK Analytic’s recent audit. They responded to me this morning regarding their position that no recall of PEAK-tested product is necessary. The risk to consumers is something that they either do not recognize or that does not rise to the threshold they view as necessary for action protective of Washington’s consumers of State-legal Cannabis. If find this unfortunate and worrisome. Oh well, at least I tried. Here is the response from […]
August 10, 2017

Consumer Alert: How to best find product properly tested for bad bugs.

“An ignorant consumer is a marketer’s dream” The continued availability of PEAK-tested product to those Washington consumers wishing to acquire their Cannabis from State-legal access points is not an emergency, in my mind. Apparently it is also not an emergency in the collective minds of the LCB and the office of our Governor. I am, however, absolutely sure that it is an issue worthy of not only official oversight, but of consumer awareness. It is an issue of concern and it is an issue worth consideration. This post is in […]
August 7, 2017

Consumer Alert: Potentially Dangerous Product

On Friday, I suggested in an e-mail to the LCB that all product that has been tested by PEAK Analytics should be pulled from the shelves of Washington’s State-legal Cannabis Retail Access Points. Almost 2 full working days (and a Seafair Weekend) later, I have heard nothing back from them and have seen no indication that they have instituted a product recall. I do not want consumers (or Patients) to get unduly worried, but the bottom line is that any product that has been tested by PEAK was not adequately […]