July 12, 2016

PSA4 – Know your Exposure

Sure … it’s a class C felony if someone accesses the “patient database” in an unauthorized manner for unauthorized reasons in an unauthorized way.  Unless, of course, they are so authorized. I just realized (thanks to Danielle’s 502Cannabis Google Groups’ forum) that retailers appear to be required to retain your database information (think scanned images of your patient card and other stuff) on file for at least 5 years. As patients being forced to be illegal, be straight, or be monitored and punitively taxed, I thought you should add this into […]
July 11, 2016

PSA3 – Fair Trade Retailers

Quote from below:  “If you like the idea of having a vibrant and diverse bunch of smaller farmers out there supporting product diversity and development and, simply, artisanal excellence, I’d suggest you give these stores a shot.” As a law-abiding patient now forced to navigate the regulated retail waterways of our State, you may find yourself confused as to where in Washington to best shop for your regulated and highly taxed Cannabis products.   The names taken by the stores are not too helpful there, even though they often evoke good marketing-speak imagery (see […]
July 1, 2016

PSA2 – Know your Products

The first in a series of PSAs on “Know your Product, Know your Farmer, Know your Access Point” that I will be offering over the next week.  Shop smart.  Source your medicines well.  Be well. Greetings to all new recreational patients and also to those still debating between abstinence and sourcing your meds from either the “rec” or the “wild” side.   By “wild” side, I mean the illegal non-taxpaying acquisition channel expected to be heavily targeted by enforcement real soon now. I wish you a happy and successful time during […]
June 30, 2016

Lyrics: Where Have all the Clinics Gone?

With apologies to Pete Seeger and in recognition that Medical Cannabis as we have known it just died in Washington.  As of 9 minutes ago, there is no legal medical cannabis available in Washington State for the first time in a heckuva lot of years.  Unfortunate. The future look of medical is encapsulated in these logos.  Study them.  Learn what good looks like.  Learn what medicine looks like and what it now, officially, is.  Or will be, when it eventually becomes available for those willing to enter a broken Government […]