April 12, 2016

Is the Sun the best Pesticide?

Last month, the SLOG reported on a number of Washington Cannabis samples that had been tested for pesticides. I recently completed an assessment of these test results for a client who has been kind enough to allow me to share some of it with you. The methodology used was to categorize each of the 36 farms/processors that had product tested into whether their raw material was likely to be Outdoor, Indoor or “Mix”. Numerous inputs were used to classify the grow types. Outdoor implies product that is primarily lighted by […]
February 28, 2016

Washington Cannabis Commission: Good for Farmers and for You

Cannabis is a plant that, when sold for profit, is a commercial agricultural product. Author’s note – what follows is my opinion. The diverse group of folks with whom I shared much of the past year working toward this point in the process of forming the “Washington Cannabis Commission” may not all agree with everything I say below. If that is the case, I encourage them to use the comment section below this post to point out where they see things (or remember things) differently than do I. -Jim The […]
February 15, 2016


With the arrival of January I-502 sales data, I am disappointed to announce that The Great Area of Recreational Cannabis Nothingness is still with us. I currently estimate that the State will skim AT LEAST $250 million in excise tax revenue from State-Legal Cannabis during calendar year 2016. The forced migration of patients to retail could well drive this number higher (much higher). As the Legislature has said to patients: go regulated or go illicit. Only a 37% excise tax for you. We’ll spare you state sales tax. It is […]
February 14, 2016

Posting Comments – I can’t believe I just “unapproved” a comment.

I just unapproved the first comment of my life — courtesy of some choice words by one “Rob”. On the new site, I decided to ease up on manual oversight of comments as I played with the many WordPress options available for that. I now understand why some of those options should be put in the “requires more manual oversight” mode. Rob, in a few short phrases, was able to insult Dean (from a previous comment on the Lab threads), an author that was quoted in a comment or two, […]