October 30, 2017

Traceability Meltdown in WA – Impact on Product Quality

Product quality has many facets. In Washington, the quality of regulated Cannabis is largely defined by the QA and Potency testing conducted by state-certified labs. The regulated market in WA does not allow direct consumer interaction with product prior to sale.  The pretty packaging can be admired but the product cannot be smelled.  It cannot be tasted.  It cannot be touched.  It cannot be sampled.  The consumer can often, however, get a feel for how the product looks through either a window in it’s packaging or a picture on it’s […]
October 27, 2017

Traceability Meltdown in WA – A poem titled Communication Breakdown

A satirical, sarcastic poem that is part of my fantasy world and is completely disconnected with reality (aside from some proper nouns employed to anchor key sections).  Consider this part of my humorous response to the shitshow that is in the process of going down in Washington’s State-legal Cannabis industry.  Keep an eye on HI-Blog over the next few days.  I will be posting some short articles on the possible risks and benefits of the Great Traceability Meltdown of 2017. Communication Breakdown A fantasy poem about felony angst on Halloween […]
October 25, 2017

Traceability Meltdown in WA – Tax Implications

Over the past week, a new phase of the transition between BiotrackTHC and MJFreeway as Washington’s Cannabis Traceability database provider has been unfolding. As of yesterday, the LCB has made clear that online access to an approved central traceability database will cease at midnight Halloween Eve.  MJ-Freeway and other stakeholders (the LCB and their paid consultants) will now be granted 2 additional months to get their system working. This is unfortunate, and will impact a number of users negatively (particularly those currently using the free version of Biotrack’s reporting application).  […]
October 3, 2017

Retail Pays in Million Dollar Ways

Very quick note:  for the first time in over three years of profiting off of the sale of Schedule 1 drugs, Washington State collected, on average, over ONE MILLION DOLLARS of excise tax revenue per day during the month of September. I’d do a graph, but that would be overkill. Average Excise Tax per day in Sept — $1,018,411 Statewide, that is just under $1.2 Million per day once state sales tax is rolled in. From a revenue perspective, retail is now moving (before taxes) over $2,750,000 of State-legal Cannabis […]