August 4, 2017

Pull PEAK-tested Product Now: A letter to the LCB

I just sent the following e-mail off to the LCB Board members and some key Staff. If any of you know Governor Inslee’s e-mail, would you mind either forwarding it to me or forwarding the following on to him (his website does not list an e-mail contact). The below, I believe, speaks for itself. In the meanwhile, PLEASE, if you value your health, DO NOT BUY ANY PRODUCT THAT HAS BEEN TESTED BY PEAK (until such time as RJ-Lee says they are good to go, that is). If I had […]
August 2, 2017

Now that PEAK is gone, who will earn the Pointy-Headed Lab Crown?

PEAK Analytics up in Bellingham (aka Lab 0015) apparently just had their certification suspended for reasons known only to RJ-Lee, the WSLCB, God, Allah, Buddha and, presumably PEAK (and Confidence Analytics). I suspect Homeland Security also knows … but they know everything in this country (except, apparently, where diversion is happening). I will reserve judgement on this decision by the LCB until I receive the public records detailing WHY PEAK (and, in the day, Testing Technologies) have been so sanctioned. That should be in the next two – three weeks. […]
July 25, 2017

Where to Find Terpestival Winners – Top Retail Access Points

Last Saturday, CASP (The Cannabis & Social Policy Center) put on the 3rd annual Terpestival in Seattle down in SODO. – with the help of the wonderful Lara Kaminsky and a growing rank of helpers and sponsors of this most worthy non-profit. Flower samples and concentrate samples were evaluated using a combination of the levels of key Terpenes (quantified by the more-ISO-certified-than-most Medicine Creek Analytics) and the subjective ratings of quality by a panel of knowledgeable judges (flavor/taste/effect-type quality). A number of awards were given in various categories (including a […]
July 22, 2017

Identifying Patient-Killing Frankenstein Stores: First Steps

Based on the data from the first year of Washington’s Regulated Medical Cannabis System, my assumption that the Patient Protection Act (SSB-5052) of 2015 would actually protect those Washingtonians who depend on Cannabis or Cannabinoid-containing products as part of their medicine/supplement regime was clearly wrong. See a summary of the state of the thing that our Legislators and Regulators call Medical Cannabis that I recently published on HI-Blog . I’ve spent a good deal of time pondering the reason(s) why the adoption of the regulated medical system by Patients, the […]