May 1, 2017

PSA 7b – Know What is Testing your Cannabis

As a follow-on to my recent posts regarding the odd results being reported by lab 0015 (PEAK ANALYTICS) and the degree of lab-induced Stenchyness gracing the shelves of some of the stores around the State, I have received a number of requests to fully unblind the labs that my original series called out. I’ve attached here a grid that will let you know which lab was which (in the Lab A through Lab N coding I used to blind the reader (and myself) to their identity. In addition, here is […]
April 28, 2017

Store Stenchyness – Don’t let the Friendlies Kill You

This is intended to be #7 in my series of PSAs (Patient Service Announcements). I hope you are all enjoying the medical market that our legislators created for you in SSB-5052. At least the CPC products are back on the market and some of the old growers and dispensaries have made it over. Too few, though. Sigh….. As of April 24, the DOH Patient database contained 20,516 patients and designated providers who have been registered and have received valid Patient Recognition cards. Wow! That’s the biggest audience I’ve ever reached […]
April 25, 2017

4/20 Washington Retail Sales – Actual Numbers

I’ve seen a number of estimates of what 4/20 would bring in Retail Cannabis sales in Washington recently and was successful in keeping my mouth (and keyboard) shut on the issue this year. After forecasting this and a number of other significant sales milestones over the past two years, I felt it would be good to take a break and see what others that purport to service the industry with data would come up with. Would the void be filled? It was, but I see discrepancies between the actual data […]
March 29, 2017

Peak Potency — Lab Friendliness is back with a gusto!

I find myself becoming increasingly disgusted by a few of the obviously bad blatant things that are happening in Washington’s State-legal Cannabis industry under the watchful eye of it’s Regulators, Legislators and participants. Today, I am going to revisit one of these obviously bad blatant things— Laboratory Friendliness and Truthiness Friendliness and Truthiness by our Labs is being allowed to run unchecked by our Regulators and their tax, fee, and fine-collecting enforcement division. For background, see the series of articles I published on HI-Blog in late 2015. In that series […]