December 18, 2015

Cannabinoid Profile Test Results

Washington Growers are the Best on the Planet – according to at least some of our accredited Labs (Author’s note:  I initially considered titling this post “Setting Appropriate Retail Price Levels for Cannabis:  What the Feds (and, apparently, some of the Labs) Don’t Want Your Customers To Know”. … I decided that was not appropriately uplifting and “nice”, given the Season we are in). Welcome to the third installment in my series assessing the results being reported by the 14 labs serving the testing needs of Washington’s State-legal Cannabis industry during […]
December 9, 2015

Being Nice for Santa – Cannabis Retailers Nicer than Alcohol Retailers in November

I would like to congratulate Washington’s State-legal Cannabis Retailers on being the BEST IN WASHINGTON regarding Compliance. Well done!  You have reason to celebrate.  Keep up your good work. The following chart summarizes reported violations (failure rates) by Cannabis Retailers (and other businesses) for the first four months of this Fiscal Year (July – Oct) compared to those for the month of November. While the overall violation rate for premises checks (presumably all I-502 businesses are subject to these) fell by over 12% in November, the rate of serving minors by […]
December 5, 2015

Microbes Ingesting Solvents?

Part 2 of Cannabis Testing Lab Results Summary Series You may be asking yourself why I might postulate that bacteria are ingesting solvents out there in the hard reality-based objective world of Washington’s State-legal Cannabis Lab-Testing Industry?  Aside from the possibility that the little things probably also enjoy alcohol (at low levels), it is an impression that arose while looking at the lab testing result data on both Residual Solvents and Microbial Screening. My previous post on Moisture testing and it’s surprisingly low rate of failing cured bud (see HI-Blog) […]
November 18, 2015

How Wet is Your BUD? – Initial Work Investigating Lab Results

Note: Shortly after I post this, I’m going to e-mail each of the labs certified for Cannabis testing under I-502 with a link to this blog.  I will solicit their feedback, and am going to try to set up a “behind the scenes dialogue” with them in order to reduce the likelihood that some weird pattern I see in the numbers is due to a completely normal, expected artifact of how the testing and/or reporting of testing results is conducted. I do not  want to be doing a disservice to […]