PSA Announcement – For the Patients

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June 21, 2016
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June 25, 2016
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PSA Announcement – For the Patients

Just a quick announcement that on Saturday, I’ll begin publishing a series of Patient Service Announcements (PSAs) here on HI-Blog for those patients being forced to migrate next week to either the regulated retail market or to the soon-to-be-thriving criminal one here in Washington State.

The announcement I put out to many of my contacts this morning went like this:


For the Patients …. but also for the soul of this industry

The WSLCB  just released the June Traceability database update, containing lots of data through April of this year.  My thanks to the LCB and to our transparent form of Government.  Thank-you for enabling my work (and that of others) related to increasing our understanding of this market.

While I’m building some updates and new things for my commercial clients using these data (and, yes, Dominic … I shall be putting these data to use in the book chapters I’ve promised you) I’ve decided to do a public service using these publicly-requested state data.  Think of it as “giving you something back for your tax dollars”.  Your tax dollars enabled the traceability database.  Thank-you all for that.  Hopefully, you will find value in what I produce for you.  Hopefully, some of you will one day be clients or friends.

This public  service will take the form of a short series of PSAs (Patient Service Announcements) spanning the next few weeks.  These will be a  series of articles at aimed at helping those patients choosing to shop at regulated access points to make better-informed regulated shopping decisions (rather than quitting or becoming re-criminalized).

I expect to cover the degree to which product tested by Friendly labs graces the shelves of individual retailers (for the public health value therein).  I expect to cover the degree to which individual retailers are paying a “living wage” to the farmers and processors that supply them (for the “Fair Trade” implications therein).  I expect to cover the degree to which retailers are taking a higher chunk of their customer’s dollars than might be considered normative (for the Gordon-Geckoism suggested therein).  I expect to shine a light on just how dis-enfranchised many of our patients are about to become, in spite of the platitudes being spread around the State by the bureaucrats responsible for this disastrous market unification.  I’d expect their opinions to differ from mine.  After all, they are being informed both by BOTEC’s work and by their paychecks.

Patients have the potential to represent a very large chunk of this market (forget BOTEC’s and the UW’s estimates — they are both systematically wrong).  The better these patients can approach this market as informed, knowledgeable consumers the better it will be for all of us (even the slimes among us).

 You can expect my  first PSA to be published this Saturday.

Dr. Jim

(I am not a medical doctor, and am not in any way suggesting or implying or even thinking that something that grows on a plant might be considered medicine under currently acceptable and widely held notions of what a medicine is and what a medicine is not.  Unless, of course, that plant is a coca plant … or one of our local delicious mushrooms.)

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