MayDay Anarchists Funding our Government

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May 1, 2017
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May 3, 2017
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MayDay Anarchists Funding our Government

On Monday, the State of Washington saw $2,429,211 in pre-tax Cannabis sales reported by State-legal and duly regulated Cannabis Retail establishments.

This is a rather large number for a Monday. I’m guessing it was directly from participants in many of the primarily peaceful and compassionate marches and celebrations around the State. I’m further guessing that the Anarchistic sub-elements (Jerry — you know who I’m talking to behind that silky-smooth mask) likely consumed, per-capita, much more than your average MayDayer.

Between Excise tax and State Sales tax (37% and 6.5%, respectively), the State raked in $1,056,706 in tax revenue. That could (if so allocated) pay our Legislator’s daily fine for the McCleary decision more than 10-times over.

The Farmers, on this very day, generated $1,828,458 in sales. Approximately 80% of that was tested in a way where the labelling is of questionable informative value (almost as if anarchists had made the labels).

It’s nice to see Anarchists supporting that which they hate so avidly (although, after the LCB is allowed to skim it’s plunder, the State allocates much of the remaining tax to children, red-hand labels, pretty new office furniture, junkets and other things).

I wonder if the Anarchists would support what some of the labs have apparently been doing. One might think they’d feel unity with those who cheat (or “misinterpret”) the rules.

Go MayDay, Go Labor, Go Farmers … and Go IRONY.
And a call-out to our Retailers being brave enough to serve 21+-year old people in Guy Fawkes masks.


  1. Muraco says:

    I love it!! Thank you Jim for noting the correlation!

    • Jim MacRae says:

      My pleasure, Muraco …. I’m pretty sure it’s causation, though (he said with a wink and a smirk).

      I did not know that Anarchy and Cannabis co-existed so well.

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