Now that PEAK is gone, who will earn the Pointy-Headed Lab Crown?

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July 25, 2017
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August 4, 2017
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Now that PEAK is gone, who will earn the Pointy-Headed Lab Crown?

PEAK Analytics up in Bellingham (aka Lab 0015) apparently just had their certification suspended for reasons known only to RJ-Lee, the WSLCB, God, Allah, Buddha and, presumably PEAK (and Confidence Analytics). I suspect Homeland Security also knows … but they know everything in this country (except, apparently, where diversion is happening).

I will reserve judgement on this decision by the LCB until I receive the public records detailing WHY PEAK (and, in the day, Testing Technologies) have been so sanctioned. That should be in the next two – three weeks.

This is not my normal post …it contains virtually no data and also (surprise of surprises) very little verbiage.

What it does have is a word of advice to PEAK’s recent customers:

Be careful who you choose to shift your testing to. I will be describing the migration away from PEAK in an upcoming HI-Blog post.

That post will name names and it will describe in consumer-disquieting detail those in the industry that fail to take this opportunity to stop doing the wrong thing and begin doing the right thing for the consumers of their product.

After all, some of those consumers are Patients …. and Patients not only deserve but NEED better.
I also happen to believe strongly that this MARKET deserves better.

Please take this opportunity to do the right thing, and don’t shift your business to the inflator of today or the Friendly of yesterday.

I know you gotta feed the kids and pay the mortgage, but is putting consumer health and safety at risk worth all of that?
Hard decision, practically —- relatively easy one morally.

Love & stuff —- Dr. Jim


  1. Kevin says:

    My guess will be Testing Tech or Confidence Analytics or Integrity; whoever can give them 2-day turns for $50. Oh don’t forgot about the free pick-up and the d*ck suck associated with that $50 price tag.

    • Jim MacRae says:

      Does the LCB also regulate d*ck sucks? If so, do they fall within the recreational arm of the organization, the medical one, or the carcinogenic one? Do they offer licenses or certificates? Are gender-appropriate alternatives available?

      I won’t give odds on your guess, Kevin. We’ll see this fall when the data roll around.
      I do, however, that those among PEAK’s recent e-coli and EB-loving customers that make the conscious choice to NOT run to whomsoever they currently view as the Friendliest lab still operating to do their testing will, eventually, be rewarded by this market.

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